The stainless steel alloy super duplex 2507 has been developed by metallurgists at Sandvik AB. The alloy is extremely resistant to corrosion and fracture caused by saltwater. All metal under the waterline is mirror polished, which ensures that marine organisms that have attached to the hull are removed either with a low-pressure hose or at speeds as low as 5 kn. This therefore avoids the need for environmentally hazardous and expensive anti-fouling paints!

The steel hull retains its mechanical properties despite tough conditions over a long period of time. This is a major advantage compared with plastic, carbon fiber and aluminum boats, which may deteriorate over a number of years.


Super duplex steel’s mechanical properties in combination with the patented design allows our boats to be built with much thinner steel than is required for typical steel boats. This allows a significant reduction in weight, and results in significantly reduced fuel consumption.
The manufacture is largely based on lean-production typically used in the automotive industry. The interior consists of modular units that are manufactured and easily installed into predrilled holes in exactly the right position in the boat. The modular system also makes it easy to customize each boat’s interior.



The décor is very easy to assemble and disassemble. Exposed surfaces are covered with polished stainless steel. Most of the interior either comes as standard or can be specially built as required.


The interior materials are of a high quality, carefully selected for durability and to age beautifully. The cork we use is sourced from within Europe and the birch veneers come from Finland. All the wood is treated with Organo Wood, which is an organic treatment that protects against rot and fire. The leather in the interior is naturally tanned and is sourced from Tärnsjö tannery in northern Uppland. All walkways are lined with cork or corrugated rubber.


Every boat that leaves our shipyard is complete according to our standard fit out. This ensures that there is not a long list of optional extras that takes the total price well over the original price tag. The buyer of a Swedish Steel Yacht receives all necessary equipment. Although, obviously customers can make their own choices.