Commercial Engineer – California, USA


Stainless Steel Yachts is for a highly skilled commercial engineer with a maritime or naval architect background.



  • The role can be split or combined role as a commercial engineer and/or naval architect.
  • You act as the bridge between sales, product development, and production. Together with the sales team and product development you will comply concepts, specifications, and offers to customers of various kinds, including public tenders.
  • You will be responsible for compiling extensive, large scale and detailed solutions together with a cost & time calculation. Together with production and the project team, you will outline the project and plan all the efforts that go into any vessel.
  • When a project is launched, you are deeply involved in the development of each vessel. If you fit the bill, you can also take on a project managing role.
  • Performing documentation parallel to your work is an essential part of your daily progress.
  • To excel in your role, you are expected to travel to both our production facility and to various locations to meet with potential customers.
  • Your work will be guided by regulatory frameworks and standards to some extent.
  • You should be comfortable with an iterative design- and development process. To optimize our products, you are required to provide feedback to the design team.
  • You will be a part of a project-oriented team focusing on product development of the finest marine vessels one can imagine, scheduled for production in 2021.
  • You will report to the head of product development but also work closely with the sales team.
  • It is expected that you can cope with flexible working hours and circumstances.
  • The office is based in Newport Beach, CA, with availability for remote work. With team members in Sweden, virtual communication with the Swedish team is required.



  • Master's degree in naval architecture, applied physics, mechanical engineering, marine engineering, or equivalent.
  • Extensive experience in cost calculation, drafting, and/or commercial engineering.
  • Preferred experience with marine vessel production.
  • Good communicator in written language, compiling text and specification writing is something you perform on a daily basis.
  • Takes great responsibility in the end-to-end product chain.
  • Excited to engage in a wide range of challenges with confidence and enthusiasm.
  • Optimistic mindset, striving towards our common company goal to deliver world-leading products.
  • Thrives in a dynamic environment and growing business.


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