SSY was founded in Gävle, Sweden, a city in the heart of the historic ‘iron kingdom’ dating back to the 6th century. Gävle is also a city with a proud tradition of shipbuilding. Along the Gävle River during the 1800s, there were a number of major shipyard companies that mass-produced merchant sailing ships. By the middle of the century, four of the six largest Swedish shipyards were in Gävle. This period was the peak of the city’s shipping industry, with five of the country’s largest shipping companies based in Gävle.


SSY's founder Håkan Rosén has always had a keen interest in the life at sea. He started sailing at an early age and has owned a number of recreational boats later in life. He has been most passionate about wooden boats - although wood now has competition from Sandvik’s steel.
The family left hectic Stockholm in 2011 in favor of quality of life in Gävle. It was about then he heard about Sandvik’s new stainless steel, which is extremely resistant to corrosion.

“It should be possible to build boats from this material,” he thought. He first considered a sailing yacht in stainless steel, but realized it would be too heavy. He then began to consider how the Vikings managed to sail the seas in wooden longships over a thousand years ago.
These thoughts led to the idea of incorporating the Viking’s flexible hull construction into the structure of a steel boat. This began the development of the flexible longitudinal and now patented stringers, which together with Sandvik’s new steel, made it possible to build an extremely lightweight boat entirely from stainless steel.

In January 2014, SSY moved into spacious premises in Gävle’s old shipyard area and began to build their first steel vessel. At the same time, a supplier was contracted to manufacture the interior modules for the prototype vessel. Behind SSY is a group of specialists who have further developed Håkan Rosén’s original concept. All have the vision to together develop an extremely environmentally friendly steel vessels with superior characteristics compared with current glass fibre and aluminum.

PRO CLASSIC 10.5 - The first ever launched SSY boat (2014).


  • Length over all 10.8 m
  • Beam 3.5 m
  • Weight 5500 kg incl. engines and equipment
  • Twin straight axle 2 x 190 hp
  • Top speed 27 knots
  • Cruising speed 7 to 20 knots
  • CE B
  • Large dining area
  • 3 + 2 berths
  • Social galley in salon
  • Head with shower

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Photography by Olle Hildingsson & Matz Arnström